Lord Dalley

Merchant Noble of Iscobal


The esteemed Lord Dalley is a descendant from a merchant family who managed to buy themselves in to nobility. He owns and controls several enterprises in Iscobal. Loyal to the current throne, Dalley recently finds his operations the target of terrorist attacks and is naturally nervous about his businesses. Many of his logging and mining operations have been sabotaged or ruined by riots in the past and several of his caravans have been assaulted and raided by Margr, marauding monsters that normally only inhabit the wastelands of The Beyond. These events are blamed on The Sarromere Brothers, the former queen’s infamous sons, though no conclusive evidence has been found so far.

On top of that, Dalley’s peculiar twins Akiva appear to have developed a curiosity for the old Queen’s obsession with dreams, along with an interest for discovery and adventure; two traits the noble wants nothing to do with. Unwilling to worry about both his claims and his sons, he is currently looking for a solution to at least one of those two problems.

Lord Dalley

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